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Halloween Masked Ball Logo

This Halloween, we filmed the Halloween Masked Ball. After filming the Summer Ball earlier this year, we knew that Halloween here would be especially awesome to film. We had our fair share of spooks that night!

This years theme was the Seven Deadly Sins. Celebrating the 7 years of the Halloween Masked Ball. For those of you who don’t know what they are.


The Masked Ball is a Halloween show like no other, alongside a surreal and strange sideshow of fairground follies, rock ‘n’ roll dancing and freak show craziness, inspired by the kooky, retro beach resort Coney Island in New York.

The immersive multi level party kingdom lavishly produced in a theme park where themed venues range from the outrageous to the downright spectacular. A myriad of rooms, dance floors, dens, hidden bars, unpredictable nano-venues, eccentric humour and epic raves with a soundtrack of New York disco, primal chants, cosmic guitar licks and terrifying techno. This was no event to be missed!

stage snapshot

We started filming in the main plaza, by the iconic ‘masked ball’ lettering installation. Attractions and scarily dressed people surrounded us. Drawing much attention from everyone with our camera’s, we had many opportunities to get some good footage of people doing crazy, wild and some even unspeakable things, but we won’t go there!

Shooting in dark forced us to use LED lights that were attached to the camera. This also gave the footage a ‘party’ look that we were going for. We shot almost all of the event in 50 fps. This allowed us to slow-mo footage in post when we wanted. Not super slow-mo but, enough to get a cool effect. We saved the 100 fps shooting for when we knew we wanted super slow-mo, although it made it more difficult in low light conditions due to the fast shutter speed. It’s swings and roundabouts really.

Masked Ball Decor

We wanted to get the drone up in the air, but due to time restraints, we weren’t able to, but next time, we’ll get the DJI Inspire drone high in the sky for some of that aerial perspective on the harrowing events down below.

Guests thought that we were taking pictures, so we had them posing in front of the camera for literally 30 seconds at a time before they realised we were filming, not taking photographs. But the main struggle while filming was the constant poking in the back we were receiving from everyone. It made it quite a lot harder to get smooth shots.

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