Ginger Nuts…

It was an average Wednesday morning in the studio… just right for filming a music video!

So the spare bedroom was turned into a film studio – and not for the first time! One of the walls in that room is a work of art created by our friend Joe Skinner. It makes a great backdrop for video and photo shoots. So Rosie Crow and Todd Barden decided to use it to shoot their latest music video “Ginger Nuts”.

An organically evolving project!

Well, it turned into an organically evolving project. Because we roped in everyone working in the studio, and even visitors, for cameo appearances!

It’s not the first music video we’ve made – look back through our blog and you’ll see mention of a couple of the many we have produced over the past couple of years. Including for some great Cornish musicians! And filming some of the top names in music at the Eden Sessions. Fionn has developed a talent for these videos. And we have more planned for a variety of artists and artistes in the pipeline.

It’s often the planning that is as much fun as the filming… Thinking of locations and themes. But this one was easy – clear the spare bedroom and be silly!

Hope you enjoy the video. If so please share. Because it would be great to see it go viral!

Rosie and Todd

Rosie and Todd