Rosie The Crow


We had the amazing chance to create a music video for ‘Rosie The Crow’ recently and just wanted to talk you through the process and how we went about creating it.

Rosie has been in music her entire life and has recently re-imagined her band, formally known as ‘Rosie and the Goldbug’ now known as Rosie the Crow. They are exceptionally talented in what they do and we wanted to show everybody that, with their new music video LUNGS.

We started out with one thing. The song itself. Listened to it many times and tried to come up with a concept, taking inspiration from anything we could. Other music videos, previous music videos we have made, etc. Since we had time restraints, we had to think on our feet, try to keep the video simple and use only one location if possible. We wanted to keep it modern with a slightly retro feel to it. To fit the persona of the band.

Todd Purple Background picture

Because it was all studio shot, we needed to think of something to give it some character and some energy to fit with the song. You couldn’t just have a plain white background. We thought of using a powerful projector to project various images of the artists playing. We were thinking using simple images like colour mattes, geometric shapes and random patterns going on in the background. We thought it would add some motion and exciting features to the video.

To do this, we had to make an edit of all the images we wanted to show through the projector, timed to the track itself. Changing to the more intense projections during the chorus and more lively bits of the song. Likewise, with the slower parts of the bridge, we used a starry night projection. This played a big part of the edit and because it was the main part of the video we needed to get this part right before shooting it.

Being in the studio gave us full control of everything. Lighting, positioning, time and composition. We could do as many takes as we wanted with all angles we wanted. We also a constant supply of tea, coffee and biscuits!

Rosie Star Overlay

We used the SONY Fs7 camera and shot it at 50 frames a second to have that ability to slow it down smoothly if we wanted to, which is commonly used in modern day music videos. We took tonnes of takes, all lasting the song length and got them to sing throughout so we had a lot of footage to play around with for the edit.  It worked well, we managed to shoot in all in a day and get right to the editing quickly.

But it was a lot of fun filming and creating this, and of course, we messed around just a little bit!

Music Video Guitar Shot

When it came to editing it, it was a long process of filtering through the trash and getting the footage that was usable and worked well with the song. Most of the handheld shots we did worked well in almost every situation. So that’s a good lesson to know for upcoming videos.

We actually wanted Rosie to come to the studio and give her input on the music video. She heavily influenced what we edited in. After all, it is her band and she can get what she wants, with our guidance of course. For example, she said she didn’t particularly like some of the shots we used in our initial edits, so we removed them and replaced them with ones she did like. Collaborating in this way gets a lot further than if one person edited the video.

Also, while on the topic of collaboration. We had two edits running at the same time, so we could take inspiration from each other edits and use each other’s creativity to inspire the final video. This worked really well because we have come from such different editing backgrounds, the edits were completely different. Merging the two together, in the end, was awesome to see.


black ink droplet

Once the edit was complete, we had to colour grade it. This is where we can get really creative and see the footage transform and actually look like a real pop music video. The grade gave us a lot of scope for what this thing could actually look like. I gave Rosie a wide variety of grades to look at and compare so she could pick what one she liked the best.

rosie and the crow yellow light

fret on the guitar red lights

Of course, Rosie went for the most intense grade on there. Blown out, very contrasty and pretty saturated. This grade gives off a slight Rock / Pop vibe. Which fits perfectly to the song and Rosie loved it. We called this grade, ‘The Filth Collins’.

LUNGS turned out to be amazing project that we were delighted to have worked on. Rosie was a great client to work with and will be working with her again in future on more music videos very soon!

From all of us here at Crow Creative,

Thanks for reading!

Alex Shaw

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