Rosie The Crow – BLACK WORDS

Rosie the Crow’s new release and new video!

Its was a very wet and cold day, but a magical day. The location for this shoot was so special. When it wasn’t showering we were busy chasing each other through the trees with our Sony A7sII on the Ronin M. The ground was very rough with broken mossy branches under foot. I had a few falls but there was no damage, me and the gear all survived.

black words woods from drone

Towards the end of the day the showers were more frequent and we had to sit and wait. The weather went from one extreme to the other, heavy showers to beaming sunshine. Everyone would be hiding in the van with the engine running with the heating on waiting for the shout to start shooting again.

It was really tricky getting our DJI Inspire drone into the air, many times we would take off and then have to abort immediately as more rain would come. Finally the opportunity we were waiting for came before everyone froze to death. There was a lot of ground covered by both ‘the talent’ and crew running back and forth, but all were buzzing after a fun day in the woods.

black words cast and crew