Rosie The Crow – INVISIBLE

The new track from Rosie the Crow, Invisible. Now released on all platforms!

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A slightly different sound to what she usually produces, but it really works, and invokes strong emotion through her lyrics and the video itself. Vocals and Piano are performed by Rosie, but backing vocals are performed by the other artists in the band, Todd and Layla. They are all so talented and we are honoured we can make their music come to life through video. With every video we make for her we learn a little bit more as we understand the ways in which we can make all of our content better.

We filmed this in two locations, the interior was shot in the back of a Mercedes CE 280 to give it the retro feel, and the exterior was shot on a cliff edge, near Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

To film this, we had to build a hand-made camera rig inside the car. This kept the camera stable whilst driving which was facing the backseat. We changed lenses after each take for the various shots we wanted to shoot. For example, we changed to a wide angled lens to shoot the whole band in the back seat, then changed back to the Nifty Fifty camera lens (50mm Prime Lens) when shooting Rosie close up.

It was raining intermittently throughout the night which gave us really nice effects when using the shallower lenses because it produced eccentric light leaks and colours, which added to the cinematic feel of the video.

Invisible Music Video

We kept the editing effects, in post, to a minimal. Only using them when vital. We recognized that it was a sad and deep song, we didn’t want to ruin that feeling with effects and conform to modern day music videos. We did, however, shoot it all at 50 fps so we could slow down any shot we wanted to give it a softer feel. We also used a nifty trick using a double speed audio track. If you watch the video closely,  you will notice that some footage seems in time with the audio track, but also seems to be in slow motion. Wonder how we did it? That’s something we will never tell. 


black tear drop

This is when we could really try to get that retro feel through to our viewers. Using colour grading we could be cinematic with the colours we chose, while also achieving the softness and retro feel. It’s amazing what just colour can achieve. We have a created a small breakdown of the grading process below so you can see some examples of how drastic colour grading can alter footage to make them look way better. – Alex Shaw

“This is the new video by Crow Creative. Thanks to Fionn Crow John Boyle Tj Hughes Alex Shaw Laura Barden and Carol Crow for making this happen. We co-wrote this with Harry Collier from The Hempolics. BBC Introducing Cornwall are playing this tomorrow night – thanks David White. Lovely BVs from Sam Crampie Collins. Thank you Jon Astley for mastering. Co-produced with Gareth Young – Music Producer. Featuring Rosie Crow, Layla Astley and Todd Barden AKA Rosie The Crow.”

Rosie The Crow

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