Video Editing Services

High-end editing suites and years of experience all under one roof.

Good creative video editing is crucial if you want to create a piece that will be successful. Getting good shots is only one part of the process of filmmaking. The real magic comes in the studio, on the edit suite. Sometimes this involves hours of editing very average footage, finessing, colour grading, and creating a film that you can be really proud of.

Video Editing

A large part of our video editing work is creating clips for websites and YouTube. With a limitless supply of online entertainment, viewers’ attention spans are very limited. Your video needs to grab their attention otherwise they will continue browsing.

5 tips for video editing online clips

  • Keep videos under 90 seconds (most successful video ads are below 15 seconds)
  • Show what you want your audience to see in the first 10 seconds of the video (this is your “hook”- viewer’s attention drops after this point)
  • Deliver your message with graphics, people, and text – a combination of these will extend the viewer’s attention span
  • Add video subtitles – a large proportion will watch your ad with the sound off
  • Feature a clear call to action, so your audience knows how to act on their interest

Not all of our video editing work is just for the YouTube market. We also work on some other interesting projects.

Other jobs include:

  • Producing a full length TV documentary for someone who was a great cameraman but was unable to translate it into a programme that would sell to broadcasters. As a result of our work, sales have increased considerably and it has already being broadcast in many countries worldwide.
  • A recent commission from the Royal College of Surgeons to create a series of training videos using footage from real life keyhole surgery procedures.
  • Re-editing a wedding video that had been filmed well enough, but the final edit was dreadful!

Why should you select Crow Creative for your video editing?

Apart from our many years of experience producing award winning films, our charges are highly competitive with other quality film companies in Cornwall. And none have the view that we have from our studio!

We have three 4K edit suites, together with full software effects and colour grading packages. The process of editing is far more than just stringing shots together. We will work with you to finesse your footage so that it looks the very best it possibly can!

We like to have you working with us. Come to the studio, sit with us during the edit, be part of those important edit decisions large and small that make it your film – and if you feel like a break take a stroll around the harbour!