Falmouth University are offering two new courses next year in conjunction with Eden Project. These are Sustainable Tourism Management and Sustainable Festival Management. And we have produced the recruitment videos for these.

Both videos are targeted at potential students looking to sign up for the courses and wanting extra information. The majority of applicants will probably be college students looking to go into careers in one of these fields. However, the courses are equally open to mature students. The UK has such a great reputation for both Tourism and Festivals. So it is anticipated that a fair proportion of applications will come from international students.

Cornwall – the perfect setting for these courses

And what better location than Cornwall to study both subjects. The County is undoubtedly the tourism capital of the UK. And Cornwall also hosts some of the most iconic festivals such as The Masked Ball.

And then there is Eden itself! Not only does it house the largest indoor rain forest on the planet. But Eden is also host to many events, including the Eden Sessions when some of the biggest names in popular music come to perform. Including 2020’s headliner Diana Ross.

Sir Tim Smit

The Irrepressible Sir Tim Smit

The Irrepressible Sir Tim Smit

We also had the pleasure of interviewing the irrepressible Sir Tim Smit for inclusion in the films. Always fun!

Recruitment videos can serve many purposes. Signing up students for university courses. Attracting people to join a particular group or cause. And even for political reasons. One of our more intriguing jobs in the past was filming and producing 3 separate election campaigns for the President and Government of Seychelles…! But that’s another story.

Other current recruitment videos that we have produced or are working on include for Exeter Universities’  Penryn Campus , and for Falmouth based Launchpad.

Let’s talk about your own recruitment video needs…