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Exeter University Promo Video

So here’s a recent project – Exeter University Promo Video for their Penryn Campus. The University wanted a video to show potential students just how good life is down here in Cornwall. Hopefully we caught some of the flavour of Cornish life! Both Exeter and Falmouth Universities share the campus at Penryn. It’s based on […]

Cornwall Business Fair

Explainer Videos So, almost every business can benefit from an Explainer Video that quickly promotes their products and services.  You can put your Explainer Video on your website. Because that way people can quickly learn who you are, what you do and what you have to offer.  Explainer videos can be fun, entertaining and visually […]

Hotel Promo Filming

The Artist Residence Penzance Here’s an Instagram post we have just produced for The Artist Residence, Penzance. We haven’t done any hotel promo filming for a while so it was fun to get back to it. The video is in a vertical format to fit certain social media formats. We find that we have to […]

Medical Training Films

A very different type of job! Now this was a totally different job! A call from the Royal College of Surgeons. Would we be interested in producing a series of medical training films about keyhole surgery? So we added medical filming to our list of skills! Each time an operation is carried out using keyhole […]

New Music Video for Rosie Crow

Ginger Nuts… It was an average Wednesday morning in the studio… just right for filming a music video! So the spare bedroom was turned into a film studio – and not for the first time! One of the walls in that room is a work of art created by our friend Joe Skinner. It makes […]

Boka Vanguard Drone Filming

Drone Filming Twofour Broadcasting based in Plymouth are a part of the ITV network. They produce a massive amount of content that you will have seen – usually fascinating real life shows. One of the most fascinating of these is Impossible Engineering. Impossible Engineering looks at the history of pioneering modern-day mega structures. Behind every seemingly […]


Filming Cornish music

Filming Cornish Music and musicians is one of our specialities. And this was a special night! I’ve known of Will Keating‘s reputation as a singer for a couple of years. But I’d never actually seen him perform until he asked us to film the Cornish Folk Concert that he was organising at The Poly in […]

Falmouth University Explainer Videos continued

Falmouth University Explainer Videos continued! Phases 2 and 3 of our explainer video project for Falmouth University Here’s a link to the first one – they liked it so much that they commissioned another two! It’s a long time since I last applied for any job, and back then there was no such thing as […]

Truk Lagoon – Japan’s Pearl Harbour

“Truk Lagoon – Japan’s Pearl Harbour” We’re working to deliver Shark Bay Films latest documentary “Truk Lagoon – Japan’s Pearl Harbour”.  National Geographic have expressed interest in the film. However they wanted a stronger historical thread. So we enlisted military historian Saul David to help us out. Saul is Professor of Military History at the […]

Falmouth University Explainer Videos

We’ve just completed what has been one of the most fun projects we have been involved in for a while. Because universities today compete to fill placements, their online persona is often very influential to potential students. Anna Brown is Head of Communications at Falmouth University. She realised that applicants often need guidance on how […]