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Tourism Video Production in Cornwall – Mining World Heritage Sites

 If it’s tourism video production in Cornwall it’s us! And we have won the great job of drone filming for information videos about Cornwall’s Mining Heritage sites. Cornwall’s mining history and heritage are intriguing. Because mining shaped the county. Our towns and villages. roads and railways,  harbours. and landscape. And of course the industrial archaeology. […]

Events Filming – River Presents European Athletics

With Events Filming, you never know where the next turn will take you. Because Crow Creative has now teamed up with European Athletics to produce a new online series called “THE LAB”. Introducing a brand new athletics discipline called DNA (which stands for Dynamic New Athletics) European Athletics Eddie Rourke a previous team member, and […]

Camera Operators Cornwall and Beyond

It’s funny how work seems to come in waves. And at the moment we are getting lots of enquiries for camera operators for projects here in Cornwall. Often these requests come from film companies outside Cornwall. From London, “up country”, and even from abroad. And it gets us involved in projects that might not otherwise […]

Citizens Advice and Kernow King!

  If you are producing information videos there are two approaches. You can produce boring typical public information videos. Or you can try something different. And nothing can work better than a little humour to get a point across. Kernow King is without doubt Cornwall’s funniest man. So it was amazing to work with him […]

Legal Video Production

Legal video production is a niche in which we have extensive and varied expertise. John was a solicitor for many years. Specialising in court work, he knows what is good evidence. And many of his contacts in the legal world locally still use us to produce evidence videos. Enhancing CCTV evidence Many of these jobs […]

Filming in Cornwall… a busy week!

Now that has been a busy week filming in Cornwall! Documentary delivery We finally completed delivery of our turtle film “The Last Turtles?” to our agents. Once the film is finished there is still much to do. Time coded scripts and music cue sheets to prepare. Marketing materials to produce. But it’s now all done, […]

Cornish Film Producers

Of all Cornish Film Producers I think we can claim to be among the most experienced. And to have the widest range of skill sets. Because not only are we leaders in video production in Cornwall. We also produce documentaries for television stations worldwide. And here is the trailer for our latest – “The Last […]

Good Energy – Corporate Filming in Cornwall

Good Energy are a national company. So corporate filming in Cornwall for them was a new challenge for us. Good Energy had partnered with young climate activist musicians Orchestra for the Earth. They planned to perform a song using only wind instruments. And to perform it in front of some very powerful wind turbines in […]

Fashion Filming in Cornwall – Fashion Justice

Fashion Filming in Cornwall is a new line of work for us. We seem to be getting an amazing variety of work at the moment. And this latest project was no exception. Working with Professor Clare Saunders of Exeter University we have produced 5 short films under the title Fashion Justice. The films are about […]

Creation Fest – Event Filming

Event filming has become one of our specialities. Music festivals. Food festivals. But this was a completely different type of project for us.  Which involved among others Bear Grylls  and having our film screened in a drive in cinema to an audience of around 250 cars – and distributed worldwide. Creation Fest Creation Fest had […]