Legal video production is a niche in which we have extensive and varied expertise.

John was a solicitor for many years. Specialising in court work, he knows what is good evidence. And many of his contacts in the legal world locally still use us to produce evidence videos.

Enhancing CCTV evidence

Many of these jobs relate to CCTV evidence. We can do a lot to make this easier for a court to view. We can enhance it, increase colour and contrast. Zoom in on the relevant sections. Slow motion sections of the video. And even take stills from the video. Our services have helped many clients win cases.

Interestingly, on one occasion, after seeing the enhanced video evidence, the solicitor’s client changed his plea to guilty. And the judge commented when sentencing that only the guilty plea had saved the client from a long prison sentence. Because of the guilty plea the judge felt able to suspend that sentence

But we don’t only work with CCTV footage.

Producing video evidence

In one recent case, by filming the route the client was alleged to have driven dangerously, we were able to show that the police officer could not have actually seen what he claimed. And on another occasion we noticed that there was sound had been recorded on the in-car police video. When we enhanced that sound and played it to the judge, he threw the case out without hearing any other evidence.

Also working for the prosecution

But we don’t just work for the defence. Another recent job involved tens of hours of evidence for a government department that we edited into shorter versions of the relevant highlights that could be played to the jury. And this is where John’s legal experience helps us in our legal video production. He can assess what is relevant and will be persuasive to the court. In that particular case several of the defendants changed their pleas once they saw how powerful the evidence actually was.

Although we are a video production company in Cornwall, we can work on evidence videos from anywhere around the UK. And get the results that you want for your clients…