The Landybook series engage children in diverse, real-life activities through the lovable, animated characters of Landy and Fender. Veronica set out to create inspirational and practical picture books for young children. Landy, tells of Jack finding Landy abandoned at the bottom of a field and they then start their new life together. You can purchase her books here! Enjoy.

“Wherever I went, I noticed Land Rovers at work. Capturing this sense of activity and adventure, I began to weave a world around two old working Land Rovers in my neighbourhood. The stories are based on Landy and Fender and their energetic young owners, Jack and Dan.

Veronica Lamond

For this project, we did the editing and the sounds. It was a new and different path that we hadn’t really explored before, but we thought we’d give it our best shot. We used Premier for the basic keyframing and edits. It required a bit of time and precision care. But it all came together very well. Telling the story through editing, using subtle movements and editing techniques. We had a lot of work on the audio to make it come alive, layering up sounds and effects.

We enjoyed working with Veronica and are very happy to see it doing well on youtube with over six thousand hits now. Even more excited to make a start on the new project, Fender! Stay Tuned

From all of us here at Crow Creative, thanks for reading.