Of all Cornish Film Producers I think we can claim to be among the most experienced. And to have the widest range of skill sets. Because not only are we leaders in video production in Cornwall. We also produce documentaries for television stations worldwide. And here is the trailer for our latest – “The Last Turtles?”

We only established Crow Creative a few years ago. But under our documentary production persona, since 1990 Shark Bay Films have been producing specialist underwater documentary films. Television stations around the world have screened our films to audiences of millions. based in Cornwall, we have produced films in most of the planet’s oceans.

We have delivered around 30 full length documentaries so far. National Geographic, Discovery Channel, plus major European broadcasters have been some of our principal clients.

Marine filming

In addition we have specialised in marine filming. We have worked with some of the top names in UK boat building such as Princess and Rustler Yachts. And with local companies such as Padstow Sea Life Safaris.

For the last 20 years Shark Bay Films core team has been John Boyle and Fionn Crow. But we came to realise that we were not getting our share of work from local companies. Even friends would tell us that they had used other film companies. “We thought you would be too busy.” “We thought that as you produce films for National Geographic you would be too expensive…”

Turtles on beach Costa Rica

Turtles on beach Costa Rica

A new persona…

So 4 years ago we set up Crow Creative. Our plan was to create a new persona. A new image. And it has worked so well. It is still John and Fionn, but we now have another cameramen / editor on the team – River Owsley-Brown. Plus a pool of freelancers who work with us.

Since setting up we have had an incredible variety of work. Filming for both Falmouth and Exeter Universities. Producing medical training films. A 6 part series for broadcast on American television. Promotional films for businesses as wide ranging as dentists to hotels. Music videos ranging from a choir singing by zoom to a remake by Katrina and the Waves of  the 80’s classic Walking on Sunshine. Even sports filming for UEFA and the European Athletics Association.

We set out to produce quality videos for Cornish businesses. And we are having a blast doing exactly that… It’s fun being Cornish Film Producers!

Guinea Bissau Filming Location

Recent Filming Location – Remote Uninhabited Poilau Island off the African Coast