If it’s tourism video production in Cornwall it’s us! And we have won the great job of drone filming for information videos about Cornwall’s Mining Heritage sites.

Cornwall’s mining history and heritage are intriguing. Because mining shaped the county. Our towns and villages. roads and railways,  harbours. and landscape. And of course the industrial archaeology. The iconic engine houses in stunning locations.

We see it every day. Drive past of the way to work. And probably take it for granted. It’s a history that should be explored. In fact so important is this history that the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape is a World Heritage site.  Because World Heritage status has been conferred on ten mining landscapes.

Our friends at Design79 have been commissioned to work on the design of this huge we source of information. And we are providing the drone footage!

The map as our featured image shows the different area locations of the Cornwall mining landscape World Heritage Sites. Definitely worth exploring!

And here are the first three videos from the website.

Camborne and Redruth Mining District

We know the Camborne and Redruth area very well. Because it’s a fascinating area, steeped in mining heritage. And a great place for drone filming!

Called the Capital of Cornish Mining. This was the centre of the Cornish mining industry. And home to many of its most important mines and individuals. World changing inventions were created right here.

One of the great things about tourism video production in Cornwall is that we film at locations we might not otherwise have visited. And both of the next two videos are examples of this.

Tamar Valley Mining District

Stretching from the high granite ridge and exposed moors of Kit Hill in Cornwall to the lush, deep wooded valleys of the meandering Tamar River. And the farming lands of the Devon plateau beyond. Because the Area spans the border between Cornwall and Devon. In today’s tranquillity, it’s hard to imagine the noise from over 100 mines that operated at the height of its mining boom.

Luxulyan Valley and Charlestown

From tranquil green woods to a bustling harbour village, the landscapes of Luxulyan Valley and Charlestown are very different. However, they share important similarities. Both are stunningly beautiful places with fantastic walks and rich mining histories to explore.