It’s always fun to produce a music video. Even more fun to produce a music video in Cornwall. And in a beautiful location.

Add to that an incredibly talented musician who is a pleasure to work with. And you have the recipe for a fun job.

Tennyson’s Twin

Sarah Hayes is a singer songwriter based at Mylor and performs throughout Cornwall with her lovely vocal style.  Sarah chose her performance name as a tribute to her favourite poet. She uses the performance name Tennyson’s Twin.

Here is the video that we produced for her late last year.

Sarah Hayes

Her songs cover a range of different genres, including singer-songwriter, folk, ballads, blues, Americana and pop. Sarah’s vocal style is often described as ‘haunting’ and ‘sensual’. Her emotive lyrics deal with subjects ranging from love and loss, to historical tales and the landscapes of the West Country.

Planning the video shoot

With a project like this, much of the fun is in the planning. Sarah had a very clear idea what she wanted in the video. We thought about locations. But one jumped out as being ideal for the shoot – Kennal Vale near Falmouth.

Kennal Vale is a picturesque woodland with a small river cascading through it. The Kennel Vale gunpowder factory was located here; however it closed in the first decade of the last century. It is a great reserve for wildlife, such as the pipistrelle bat, as well as an abundance of birdlife. The location perfectly matched the mood of the song and its lyrics.

Location chosen we set about storyboarding the day. That was also a lot of fun.

Like all musicians, Sarah’s gig diary is sadly empty at the moment. But hopefully not for long…

We are very selective about the musicians we work with and the projects we get involved with. Production of music videos is one of our specialities. But we are very glad that Sarah used us for this music video.